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How to Write an Authority Building About Us Page

Whether you call it an “About” page or a “About Us” page, there are some essential things you want to include if you want to make this page fruitful with conversions. By “conversions,” I’m referring to: 1) readers clicking through to other content 2) readers signing up for your email list 3) readers following you on social media, and 4) readers buying a product that you offer.

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Writing a powerful About Us page is an important aspect of your website because it communicates who you are to your potential paying customers. It triggers a connection with your readers, builds trust with curious prospects, and positions you as the go-to expert in your industry.

They’re checking if you’re right for them and examining your background before considering the purchase of your products and services. And we all know that once visitors feel like they know and can trust you, they’re more likely to turn into paying clients.

But here’s the BIG problem!

You’ve been trying to get by with a mini-bio or an over-the-top resume. Perhaps you’re just getting started with an about-page draft or are on your sixteenth rewrite. You know you need an about page that tells your story and connects with readers. You simply need help getting it just right.

Write a Killer “About Us” Page

Many businesses make the mistake of treating the About Us page as an afterthought, but it’s essential to your website’s success. It’s imperative that it features the essential elements that connect with prospects and attracts perfect clients. You must employ a proven formula and flow for an expert status about page.

You must have a clear understanding regarding the specifics on what to include to prove your authority. Do you know how to share your story in an enticing and authentic way to attract and lure in your dream clients?

Have you captured the secret to sharing your personal details in a way that makes you relatable and trustworthy? Which of your many stories will make your prospects’ eyes light up and which ones to keep to yourself?

Get this right and you’ll connect with your prospects by telling your story in a true-to-you way that highlights your confidence and all you have to offer your clients.

Here’s how to do it right.

Focus On the Reader

The important thing to realize is that your About Us page isn’t actually about you. The real focus is on the reader.

This page explains to the reader how you uniquely solve their problems. In addition to the essential facts, it also explains your vision for a better world. A good headline for your About Us page is something like, “I help businesses _____.” It says what you do but puts the focus on them.

Use Facts – Ditch the Hype

Your About Us page is a place for factual information, not hype or promotion. While you want to explain the unique value you offer, you don’t want to appear to be boasting. A visitor doesn’t come here ready to buy. They’re gathering information about your company and deciding if they want to investigate further on your site.

Photos Catch the Eye

This is a great place to put a high-quality image. The addition of an image to any page on your site helps to make it more interesting. It can also help with your branding. Since it’s a page all about you, the best choice is to use a picture of your smiling face, your employees’ smiling faces, or something about your company that puts a human face on it.

It could also be something related to your business that conveys your brand image.

Emphasize Your Uniqueness

Your visitor arrives at this page wondering what sets you apart from other similar businesses. This is a good place to emphasize your uniqueness. Explain how you’re different from the competition.

A great way to do this is to tell your brand story. All the content here should help show potential customers why they should buy from you and not somebody else.

Use Your Customer Profile

Create a detailed profile of your ideal customer. Write your About Us page content directly for this individual. You would write differently for a young mother looking for healthy products versus a start-up entrepreneur looking for business solutions.

Know exactly who you’re writing for so that you can address their questions and concerns.

Make it Wildly Compelling

While sticking to facts (not hype) and addressing the visitor’s concerns, spend some time on the writing to make it interesting. Tell visitors what they want to know. But inject some pizzazz into the text. Get creative but also make sure it’s clear immediately what you do. Remember, specifics are better than bold claims.

Doing the above will help your story to convert curious readers into prospects and paying clients. Whether you have decades of experience or you’re a budding entrepreneur, you’ll have the storytelling structure to give you head-turning credibility.

However, don’t forget to edit carefully as a typo or misspelling on your About Us page can damage your credibility. Additionally, consider granting your readers a peek under the hood. It would also be smart to employ empathy in an effort to build a connection. Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed to express your values and beliefs.

To level up, if you possess credentials, certifications, and any awards – do list them. And by all means please include a photo of you “in action.” Lastly, sprinkling some creativity throughout your About Us Page will further stimulate your reader’s interest.

Nevertheless, if you need a deeper dive then be sure to grab your copy of, I Am – This template outlines exactly what to include, what to write (and what not to write), how to format it, and more, so your prospects feel like they “get you” and are eager to work with you. Finally! You’ll have the rock-solid about page formula you’ve been searching for!

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Does your website have an effective About Us page?  If not, you need to get busy. Your About Us page could be the tipping point in converting more visitors into customers.

About The Author

About The Author

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