Take Back Control Of Your Life

3 Secrets to Take Back Control of Your Life

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We are beings with the heavenly authority and power to be in control. We were created by God to be in control of everything around us. He placed us in charge of everything on the earth, from the trees to the animals, and most importantly, he gave us control of ourselves.

We all have the power to control our own lives, to be in charge of ourselves but unfortunately, most of us have lost our grip on control and spiraled downward to a life unbefitting of us. We’ve lost our control of reality, we’ve lost control of our blessings and most importantly, we’ve lost control of our very own lives.

This is due to some of the decisions we chose to take overtime and many others that we have neglected along the way. Decisions like who and what we allow to influence us, the type of philosophical approach we choose to take in life, the type of thoughts we allow to take shape in our minds, how we stay motivated, and how we stay in control. These are things that greatly affect our control of life.

Carpe Diem! Therefore, I am going to briefly share these secrets. Hopefully, they’ll motivate and influence your actions to help you gain back and maintain control of your life.

Realize the Power of Influence

Influence plays a major role in our life. The people we keep around us, the kind of people we interact with daily, our friends, and our colleagues. These are people that influence us and the decisions we take in life.

Keeping the bad type of company can influence you wrongly, consciously, or subconsciously. Keeping a friend who smokes or drinks will also consciously or subconsciously affect you in one way or the other negatively. The bible says in the book of Proverbs 13:20 – “He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.”

The things we also choose to look at, the audio files you listen to and the books you read will influence you positively or negatively. Keeping good company, reading good books and listening to the right people can help you take back control of your life.

Craft Your Life’s Philosophy

You have to choose a life philosophy and stick by it. Here is a certain type of life philosophy that people stick to that makes them lose control of their life. “What is yours will stay yours.”

They believe that if they have something no matter what they do, it cannot be taken from them,. Therefore, they spend their time making the wrong decisions that mess up their lives and they end up losing their control.

Here is another philosophical approach to life. “Who I am tomorrow, comes from who I am today.” This simply means that who I become tomorrow is a result of the decisions, I take today. These are the kind of philosophes that help you stay in control of your life.

Recharge Your Self-Motivation

The last one I want to talk about is self-motivation. You cannot just sit around waiting for someone to come along and motivate you to make the right decisions that will help you take charge of your life. There is a high chance that they won’t come around, so what happens then. You have got to have a better plan to motivate yourself.

Luckily, you have all you need to motivate yourself. You just need to push harder and activate the drive. Motivate yourself by listening to motivating men, reading motivating books, and so on. These are what will help you succeed.


Everybody has the power to take charge of their life; it all lies in our ability and willingness to make tough decisions. You have to have the drive and zeal to push yourself, to take control of your life. That is the only way you can be who you’re meant to be and achieve your life goal.

About The Author

About The Author

Ricardo is a successful Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur and Blogger, with over 25 years of customer service experience. The bold & visionary founder of Funntripps and RicardoNewbold.com, he teaches busy entrepreneurs and bloggers how to successfully build and grow their business whilst having fun and living the maximized life. He enjoys spending time with his family, multi-family real estate investing and surprise get-a-way trips with his wife.

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